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The RSVA® Sagebrush Conference Committee is interested in hearing from You. Answers to the following questions would help our team in planning the upcoming conferences. The committee is eager to provide the best outcome for all participants. It has been held in Las Vegas most years, except for four years in Reno and one year in New York State. Please answer the following questions to help us make decisions regarding future Sagebrush conferences.

1. Connect with Vendor
If you decide to attend as a first timer, would you like to connect with a vender who has previously attended?
Yes No
2. Sagebrush Conference Cities
If you had your choice of cities to hold a future Sagebrush Conference, what city would you choose? You may list up to three cities.
3. Tour Days Preference
In recent years, the Conference has been from Monday evening through Friday afternoon. We had a tour last year on Tuesday evening. Would you have a preference regarding times during the week to have future tours? Please mark 1, 2, and 3 on your choices.
Monday Evening:
Tuesday Evening:
Wednesday Evening:
Thursday Evening:
Friday Afternoon:
Friday Evening:
Other Choice:
4. Networking Reception
Currently, the first day only has an evening reception where participants can network. Do you like the current offering with just networking and some music or entertainment?
Yes No
Other Suggestion:
5. Select speaker times
Please mark each day you'd like to continue as is
Tuesday: Speakers in morning and early afternoon and break-outs at 3 or 4 pm: Yes No
Wednesday: Speakers in the morning with exhibits in the afternoon: Yes No
Thursday: Speakers in morning followed with luncheon and then speakers until 4 pm: Yes No
Friday: Speakers in morning: Yes No
What changes would you like to see?
6. Select Slot Tournament Days
Which day would you prefer to have a slot tournament if we can get the hotel to allow slot play winnings again instead of prizes?
Tuesday Afternoon:
Wednesday Afternoon:
Thursday Afternoon:
Friday Afternoon:
7. Select Other Events
What other events would you like to see? (Check all that apply)
Hospitality one night
Auction one night
Tour one night
Tour two nights
Tour Friday afternoon and evening
Tour Saturday
8. Select Topic Preference
What topics or speakers would you like to hear? Please write 1, 2, and 3 on preferred topics.
1. State agency directors about state programs:
2. Vendors talking about their state programs:
3. Military food service contractors offerings:
4. GSA updates:
5. Post Office updates:
6. Rehabilitation Services Administration updates:
7. Other Federal Agencies updates:
8. National Council of State Agencies for the Blind:
9. Customer service/public relations:
10. Business tips; range of topics:
11. Business plans/ what states require:
12. BEP training requirements in other states:
13. National Automatic Merchandising Association Updates:
14. Exhibitors overview of their services/products:
15. Social media topics:
16. Business networking:
17. Credit card services/plans:
18. State vendor committee issues/solutions:
19. Writing business plans:
20. Employee handbooks:
21. Social Security updates:
22. Other Topics 1:
23. Other Topics 2:
9. Select Break-out Topics
What break-outs would you like? Mark 1, 2, 3
1. Vending machine training:
2. Sanitation training:
3. State Committee Chairs' session:
4. BEP staff session:
5. Business consulting session:
6. Other Breakouts 1:
7. Other Breakouts 2:
10. Other Suggestions for RSVA®
If you have other suggestions to make the RSVA® Sagebrush Conference a success, please add them
Suggestion 1: Suggestion 2:

Thank you for participating in this RSVA® survey.

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