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The Future of Workplace Cafeterias and Micro Market Foodservice
Could micro markets replace cafeterias in workplaces?
USI Washable Filters
When you purchase vending equipment, you are making a long-term business investment.
Seven Ways Self-Service Checkouts Create A Better In-Location Customer Experience
Seven Ways Self-Service Checkouts Create A Better In-Location Customer Experience
RSA-15 Revised Instructions
Form RSA-15: Report of Vending Facility Program
Parlevel Accessibility Stock App
Parlevel's Stock app allows you to effectively service machines when out in the field.
Food Service Institute Certifications
Contactless Credit Card Processing
Contactless Credit Card Processing by Luis Centano
Apr2020 Cafe to Self-Pay Cafe to Self-Pay Brochure
This is a PDF brochure that Three Square prepared for RSVA as we prepare for the New Norm after this monumental crisis is behind us and we want our program to sustain itself for us and future generations. Micro Markets may be the obvious solution at hand, however, we must remain vigilant in looking for other solutions as the world changes around us in the near future.
Cares Act The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act
Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired Olmsted Center for the Visually Impaired Celebrates 20 Years Of Service
Blind Success For Your Attitude (YouTube video, 8:37 minutes) Video by Jim Cyrus
Video by Jim Cyrus, Part 1
(YouTube video, 21 minutes)
Video by Jim Cyrus on his thoughts on the role of the Vendors Committee' when the operators are facing complaints, disputes, etc. with the state agency
Video by Jim Cyrus, Part 2
(YouTube video, 9 minutes)
Video from Jim Cyrus- Continuation of Vendors Committee's responsibilities
Ten-part Guide to The MBA Within three years of graduation, 1 in 4 MBA grads will start their own business. Our ten-part guide familiarizes future business leaders with their MBA program options while guiding them through the selection & admissions process. The MBA curriculum equips entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge it takes to effectively lead and manage business operations. This guide will assist those considering business school as a route to business ownership.
RSA Technical Assistance Circular Procedures for written approval ALERT: RSA Publishes Technical Assistance Circular (TAC) 18-02 – Submission Procedures for Prior Written Approval Requests under the State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services Program
2016 Nama Updates

NAMA now has a NAMA Grassroots Mobile App. Members can register for the app online.

NAMA Update on Calorie Labeling

FDA recently sent an update on vending rules by announcing an update on the Calorie Disclosure rule providing flexibility related to Front-of-Pack Disclosure and Glass-Front Vending Machines

Behavioral Interviewing

Go to heading; agency resources; then topic; behavioral interviewing
by author Amy Witten, J.D.

Business Planning Tips and Templates

Largest repository of info on creating a business plan, the first step of any small business. Their sample plans are a great starting point.

Free Business Tools

Free business tools for both offline and online businesses. It includes an invoice generator.

Market Planning Tips and Templates

Marketing planning tips and templates from the creators of; a compilation of knowledge regarding marketing plans, including sample templates for an array of industries.

Financial Implications of Healthy Vending

Many vendors have found that revenue is unaffected by implementing healthy vending: and some vendors have even experienced an increase in sales
By: Kate Bishop

Intuit Freedom Foundation & RSVA

It is becoming more common that major corporations are partnering with non-profit organizations
By: Rocky Marchiano

Focus on My Blind Spot Accessible Quick Books

By: Albert J. Rizzi, CEO My Blind Spot, Inc.

Small Business Resources 
GSA Revised Healthy Foods Guidelines for Federal Concessions and Vending Operations 
National Restaurant Association 
National Automatic Merchandising Association  
Small Business Administration Gives great ideas for starting a business, financing a business, answering legal questions, defining a business plan, and much more.
SCORE Get free, confidential business advice from a business professional anytime online or search for a SCORE member near you.

Independent Visually Impaired Enterprisers:
Organization Of Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs

Have a email discussion list and member directory for members to share business tips and information
Beverage Daily For “Breaking News on Beverage Technology & Markets". Some of the links on this site include: Processing & Packaging, Markets, Financial, Regulation & Safety, Videos, Audios, Green Packaging, and Health and Wellness.
Food Production Daily  
Food Navigator  
Nutra Ingredients  
Vending Times Newsmagazine of Vending, Coffee Service, Foodservice and Coin-Operated Recreational Services
Automatic Merchandiser

To sign up you may email them at, or you can call them at 1-800-547-7377. 

Business Filings Gives an analysis of the various types of businesses and the advantages of each.
Business Network International Includes a host of articles on networking and marketing ideas, offers a regular online newsletter subscription, and allows you to find nearest networking organizations to join.
Tax Act Online Prepare and print your federal 1040 ABSOLUTELY free; includes all the forms and schedules most taxpayers need to complete their return; includes schedules for itemized deductions, EIC, interest and dividend income, business income, state forms, and much more; fill out the forms online or download the free Tax Act Online software; automatically calculates your return as you enter information; alerts you to potential problems, missing data, and many tax-saving opportunities
Marketing Plan article by Dr. Ron Milliman
Customer Service article by Dr. Ron Milliman

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