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Legislation and Advocacy

Current Legislative Issues and Updates

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2022 Leadership Meetings
Winter 2022 Legislative Updates
SSA December Column
2021 SSA September Information Package
2021 NY Blind Vendors Challenge NY Authority
2021 Fall Legislative Report
2021 SSA July Information Package
2021 Summer Legislation and Legal Updates
2021 Sixth Circuit Decision
2021 State Labor Laws
2021 Tennessee House Simplifies Taxation and Regulations of Micro Markets
2021 Spring Legislation and Regulations Report
2021 ACB Leadership Meetings
2021 SSA April Information Package
2021 SSA March Information Package
2021 Technical Assistance from RSA as guidance on “Active Participation”
The COVID-19 Relief Bill just passed into law specifically states that the SLA with Active Participation with the Elected Committee will utilize the Funds in the law for the blind managers. Each blind manager should stay in close contact with their respective Elected Committee and SLA Staff for the most efficient way to utilize the available funds.
2021 SSA January Information Package

2020 Winter Legislation and Regulation Updates
2020 White Cane Press Release
2020 SSA December Information Package
2020 SSA November Information Package
2020 Cyrus Zouhary Court Order
2020 New TSA Rules
2020 ADA 30th Anniversary Activities
2020 ACB Updates
2020 Summer Legislative Report
2020 Please read below the report to Congress from Secretary Betsy DeVos. On page 13, Waiver request #3 is very important to our program as we navigate our way through these tragic times. Please contact your Senators and Congressperson to show your need for such relief.
Alert: Sec. Devos Report to Congress- waiver request-please respond
2020 Legislative Report
2020 MacDonald Presentation
2020 SSA Presentation
2020 Leadership and Legislative Meetings

2019 FDA Final Ruling on Front-of-Package Calorie Disclosure
2019 Legislative and Regulations Issues
2019 Supreme Court Decision: Domino's v. Robles
2019 Why Quiet Cars Are Getting Louder
2019 FCC Update
2019 Fall RSA Commissioner Appointed
2019 ACB Updates
2019 Spring Leadership Meetings and Legislative Imperatives

2018 Winter Legislative Seminar and Update
2018 Fall NAMA Update
2018 U.S. Department of Transportation Seeks Comment on Amending Regulations Concerning Service Animals on Flights
2018 Medicare Cards are in the Mail
2018 Announcing ACB and USBLN form partnership
2018 Advocacy Training
2018 Spring ADA Rule Making
2018 Midyear Meetings and Legislative Seminar

2017 Priority in Danger
2017 Advocacy Tips
2017 Magee Supreme Court Petition
2017 Bipartisan Bill To Revamp State's Blind Vending Program
2017 Jerry Bird vs US DOE and Oregon
2017 Feds Should Make Sure Blind Not Denied Benefits
2017 Selfdriving Cars
2017 Lawsuit: MacDonald's Website
2017 One Obscure Court Case
2017 Eatsa Restaurant
2017 Midyear Meetings
2017 DOJ Final Ruling about ADA and theaters
NCSAB Randolph-Sheppard Report: Catriona MacDonald
2017 Legislative Seminar

2016 Presidential Proclamation
2016 SSDI Increase
Markey Decries Republican Opposition to FCC Activities
2016 BVA Comments to DOD
2016 RSVA and ACB DOD Comments on Rule Making
2016 AFB and ACB Surveys for Better Online and Cable Access
2016 Importance of Web Accessibility
2016 ACB Thanks Congress
2016 Summer Legislative and Regulatory Updates
2016 ACB Midyear Meetings (includes Legislative Seminar)
2016 FCC Regulations Update

2015 Winter Latest Legislative Update
2015 Fall Legislative Report
2015 Fall Accessible Prescription Request
2015 TSA Report
2015 Summer Legislative Report
2015 Spring Legislative Report
ACB Legislative Seminar 2015 and Legislative News

2014 RSVA Advocacy Efforts and Proclamation
2014 RSVA Louisiana BEP Legislation
2014 RSVA Oregon issue
2014 RSVA Announcement Update FINAL
2014 RSVA and ACB Legislative Seminar and Midyear Meetings
2014 Spring Legislative Report

2013 Winter Legislative Report
2013 Spring Legislative Committee Report
2013 "Advocacy Works" Wisconsin News
2013 California "Healthy Foods" Bill
2013 Spring Legislative Seminar Article

2012 Fall Legislative news and 2013 ACB Legislative Seminar (PDF)
2012 Summer Legislative Additions (PDF)
2012 Spring Oklahoma Senate Defeats Bill to End Capitol Vending for Vision Impaired (PDF)
2012 Winter Legislative Report (PDF)
How A Bill Becomes Law (PDF)
Randolph-Sheppard and Military Dining (PDF)

Fall 2011 Legislative Update (PDF)
Summer 2011 Legislative News (PDF)
Spring 2011 Legislative Report (PDF)
Spring 2011 Legislative Seminar (PDF)
RSVA Builds Inroads and Relationships (PDF)
Spring 2011 The White Paper (PDF)

December 2010 Legislative Report

Legislative History

The Randolph-Sheppard Act The Code of Federal Regulations (PDF) Kennely Amendment

Proposed Legislation

Q-Bee Enhancement Proposal


  • HELP Committee Initial Report (PDF)
  • Fact sheet developed after Senate hearings
  • GAO Report (PDF)
  • Joint Committee report (PDF)


    A Call for Action


    Arbitrations and Legal Cases

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