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Summer Conventions

Summer Convention 2022

2022 RSVA® Summer Convention Highlights
2022 RSVA® ACB Virtual Convention

Summer Convention 2021

2021 RSVA® Summer Convention Highlights
2021 RSVA® ACB Virtual Convention
2021 RSVA® Mini BEP Training Conference Series

Summer Convention 2020

2020 RSVA® ACB Virtual Convention article - Read the convention article for each session's details
ACB Radio Live Event archives
    Keeping Your Business Open (MP3, 70 minutes)
    Session 1 (MP3, 61 minutes)
    Session 2 (MP3, 67 minutes)
    Session 3 (MP3, 70 minutes)
    Session 4 (MP3, 74 minutes)
RSVA® Code of Conduct Policy
Independent Visually Impaired Entrepreneurs Virtual Conference
Durward K. McDaniel Celebration

Summer Convention 2019

2019 RSVA® and ACB Convention Wrap-up

Summer Convention 2018

RSVA 2017 Annual Awards

Summer Convention 2016

RSVA-ACB 2016 Summer Convention Recap
RSVA 2016 Summer Award Opportunities

Summer Convention 2015

RSVA 2015 Summer Conference Highlights
RSVA 2015 Summer Awards
RSVA 2015 Special RSVA-ACB Award

Summer Convention 2014

RSVA 2014 Summer Awards
ACB/RSVA 2014 Legislative Seminar

Summer Convention 2013

RSVA 2013 Awards
RSVA 2013 Summer Convention Update

Summer Convention 2012

RSVA 2012 Summer Convention Summary

RSVA 2012 Annual Awards (PDF File)

Summer Convention 2011

RSVA 2011 Summer Convention (PDF File)

Summer Convention 2010

RSVA 2010 Convention (PDF File)

Summer Convention 2009

Orlando, Florida (PDF File)

End of Summer Convention reports







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