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Past Conventions and Awards

2022 RSVA® Convention No. 54
Hilton Downtown, Omaha, NE
"Jennings Randolph Service Award" Tom Venable
"Don Cameron Advocacy Award" Randall Crosby
"Vendor of the Year award" Jerry House
"RSVA President's Council Award" rex Ransom

2021 RSVA® Convention No. 53
Second RSVA and ACB Virtual Convention

2020 RSVA® Convention No. 52
First RSVA and ACB Virtual Convention

2019 RSVA® Convention No. 51
Hyatt Regency hotel, Riverside Hotel, Riverside Convention Center Complex, Rochester, NY
"Jennings Randolph Service Award" Rick Morin
"Don Cameron Advocacy Award" Scott Eggen
"Vendor of the Year award" Terry Shelton
"RSVA President's Council Award" rex Ransom

2018 RSVA® Convention No. 50
Union Station Hotel Hilton, St. Louis, MO
"Jennings Randolph Service Award" Jennings Randolph JR (Jay) for his father, Jennings Randolph SR. (MO)
"Don Cameron Advocacy Award" Dan Sippl (WI)
"Vendor of the Year award" Herbert Reado (LA)

2017 RSVA® Convention No. 49
Nugget Casino and Resort, Sparks NV
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Alan Hirata (HI)
Don Cameron Advocacy Award: Eddie Turner (MS)
"Vendor of the Year" Johnny Boshell (AL)

2016 RSVA® Convention No. 48
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN
"Vendor of the Year" Scott Eggen (MN)

2015 RSVA® Convention No. 47
Sheraton Dallas Hotel: Dallas, Texas
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Jeff Thom (CA)
Don Cameron Advocacy Award: Myles Tamashiro (HI)
Vendor of the Year Award: James Swartz (AK)
RSVA Distinguished Service Award: Melanie Brunson (DC)

2014 RSVA® Convention No. 46
Riviera Hotel:Las Vegas, Nevada
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Rex Ransom (CA)
Don Cameron Advocacy Award: Richard Bird (OH)
Vendor of the Year Award: Michael Talley (AL)
RSVA Distinguished Service Award: Kim Venable (LA)
RSVA Distinguished Service Award: Harvey Johnson (TX)

2013 RSVA® Convention No. 45
Hyatt Regency Hotel: Columbus, Ohio
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Sue Sippl
Don Cameron Advocacy Award: Ken Jessup
Vendor of the Year Award: Marie Keane
RSVA Distinguished Service Award: Warren Toyama
RSVA Distinguished Service Award: Terry Camardelle

2012 RSVA® Convention No. 44
Galt House Hotel: Louisville, KY
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Rick Kuhlmey
Don Cameron Advocacy Award: Kae Pohe
Vendor of the Year Award: Eddie Turner

2011 RSVA® Convention No. 43
John Ascuaga Nugget Hotel Resort Casino, Sparks, Nevada
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Mary Lou Washburn
Don Cameron Advocacy Award: Charles Glaser
Vendor of the Year Award: Filo Tu

2010 RSVA® Convention NO. 42
Downtown Sheraton Hotel, Phoenix, AZ
Jennings Randolph Award: American Council of the Blind (ACB)
Don Cameron Award: Roy Harmon
Vendor of the Year Award: Randy Hauth

2009 RSVA® Convention NO. 41
Rosen Center resort hotel, Orlando, Florida
Jennings Randolph Award: Joseph Wetmore
Don Cameron Award: Ron Eller
Vendor of the Year Award: Myles Tamashiro

2008 RSVA® Convention NO. 40
Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky
Vendor of the Year Award: Roy Harmon
Jennings Randolph Award: Ardis Bazyn
Don Cameron Award: Charles Carroll

2007 RSVA® Convention NO. 39
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Vendor of the Year Award: Dan Sippl
Jennings Randolph Award: Hazel Harmon
Don Cameron Award: Dan Dwyer

2006 RSVA® Convention No. 38
Adams Mark Hotel, Jacksonville, Florida
Vendor of the Year: David Hanlon, CA
Jennings Randolph Award: Robert Humphreys, DC
Don Cameron Award: John Gordon, IL

2005 RSVA® Convention No. 37
Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Vendor of the Year: Warren Toyama, HI
Jennings Randolph Award: Ralph Sanders, NV
Don Cameron Award: Larry Jones, IL

2004 RSVA® Convention No. 36
Sheraton Hotel, Birmingham, Alabama
Vendor of the Year: Janet Schuler, IL
Jennings Randolph Award: Melanie Brunson, DC
Don Cameron: Terry Camardelle, LA
Lifetime Achievement Award: Gene Hiesler, TX

2003 RSVA® Convention No. 35
Westin Hotel & Omini William Inn, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Vendor of the Year Not Given
Jennings Randolph Award: Pat Yelton, NC
Don Cameron Award: Filo Tu, HI
Corporate Sponsor Plaque: Tharp and Associates, TX

2002 RSVA® Convention No. 34
The Adams-Mark Hotel, Houston, Texas
Vendor of the Year: Russ Ehrler, Texas
Jennings Randolph Award: Donna Seliger, Iowa
Don Cameron Award: Raymond Washburn, Oklahoma

2001 RSVA® Convention No. 33
Marriott (RSVA Savery Hotel), Des Moines, Iowa
Vendor of the Year: Art Stevenson, Oregon
Jennings Randolph Award: National Education and Legal Defense Services (NELDS)
Don Cameron Award: Wayne Yelton, North Carolina

2000 RSVA® Convention No. 32
Galt House Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky
Vendor of the Year: Donnie Anderson, Illinois
Jennings Randolph Award: Kim Venable, Louisiana
Don Cameron Award: Warren Toyama, Hawaii
Special Award for 50 years in the Randolph-Sheppard program: Homer Steele, Illinois

1999 RSVA® Convention No. 31
Airport Radison Hotel, Los Angeles, California
Vendor of the Year: John Gordon, Illinois
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Charles H. Crawford, Maryland
Don Cameron Award: Paul Ingram, Ohio

1998 RSVA® Convention No. 30
Clarion Hotel, Orlando, Florida
Vendor of the Year: Betty Barlow, Florida
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Charles Glaser, Ga
Don Cameron Award: Walter Siren, Louisiana

1997 RSVA® Convention No. 29
Adams-Mark Hotel, Houston, Texas
Vendor of the Year: Richard Bird, Ohio
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Patsy Musler, Texas
Don Cameron Award: Harold Broussard, Louisiana

1996 RSVA® Convention No. 28
Doubletree Hotel, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Vendor of the Year: Nick Gacos, New Jersey
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Mississippi State University
Don Cameron Award: Gene Hiesler, Texas

1995 RSVA® Convention No. 27
Holiday Inn Four Seasons, Greensboro, North Carolina
Vendor of the Year: Raymond Washburn, Oklahoma
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Not given
Don Cameron Award: Homer Steele, Illinois

1994 RSVA® Convention No. 26
Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
Vendor of the Year: Larry Jones, Illinois
Jennings Randolph Service Award: George Precourt, Connecticut
Don Cameron Award: Ardis Bazyn, Iowa

1993 RSVA® Convention No. 25
Airport Holiday Inn/RSVA Airport Hilton, San Francisco, California
Vendor of the Year: Murlin Pousson, Louisiana
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Not Given
1st Don Cameron Award: Paul Verner, Florida
Special Awards presented to
Mary Lou Washburn, Oklahoma & Cindy Byers, Texas

1992 RSVA® Convention No. 24
Hyatt Hotel/Omni-Adams, Phoenix, Arizona
Vendor of the Year: Terry Camardelle, Louisiana
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Kim Tromatore, Louisiana

1991 RSVA® Convention No. 23
Holiday Inn, RSVA/Omni Hotel, Tampa, Florida
Vendor of the Year: Charlie Carroll, Alabama
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Robert R. Humphreys, Washington DC
Special Award "RSVA Historian & Research Award": Ione Miller, California

1990 RSVA® Convention No. 22
Sheraton Tech Hotel, Denver, Colorado
Vendor of the Year: George Abbott, Maryland
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Durward K. McDaniel, Texas
Special Award & Life Membership: Durward K. & Aileen McDaniel, Texas

1989 RSVA® Convention No. 21
Marriott Hotel, Richmond, Virginia
Vendor of the Year: Morris Ward, Mississippi
Jennings Randolph Service Award: South Dakota Library of Congress

1988 RSVA® Convention No. 20
Excelsior Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas
Vendor of the Year: Not given
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Carl Jones, Illinois

1987 RSVA® Convention No. 19
Airport Hilton, Los Angeles, California
Vendor of the Year: Michael Lee, Georgia
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Dean Flewwellin, South Dakota

1986 RSVA® Convention No. 18
Hyatt Regency, Knoxville, Tennessee
Vendor of the Year: Arnold D. Whaley, Tennessee
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Not Given

1985 RSVA® Convention No. 17
Holiday Inn on the Strip/RSVA MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada
Vendor of the Year: Dawn Flewwellin, South Dakota
Jennings Randolph Service Award: John Spalding, California

1984 RSVA® Convention No. 16
Philadelphia Center Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Vendor of the Year: Gene Hiesler, Texas
Donation for Salem College in honor of the retirement of Jennings Randolph

1983 RSVA® Convention No. 15
Sheraton Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona
Posthumous Award: Ruth Staudenmeyer for husband Roy, Michigan
“Vendorscope” Award: Parley Van Sickle, Maryland

1982 RSVA® Convention No. 14
Marriott Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia
Vendor of the Year: Paul Verner, Florida
Special Award: Johnson Bradshaw, Tennessee
Donation to Durward K. McDaniel for his retirement

1981 RSVA® Convention No. 13
Chase-Park Plaza Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri
Awards Presented to Claudia Case, Alabama & Rodney Standard, Georgia

1980 RSVA® Convention No. 12
Galt House, Louisville, Kentucky
Vendor of the Year: Harold Broussard, Louisiana
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Tom Masters, Illinois

1979 RSVA® Convention No. 11
Pantlind Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Award of Achievement: Richard Perzentka, Wisconsin
Jennings Randolph Service Award: Pepsi Cola, New York

1978 RSVA® Convention No. 10
Hotel Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah
Outstanding dedication Award: Don Cameron, Florida
Desk sets presented to Robert Humphreys, Washington, DC for assistance to RSVA and to Homer Steele, Illinois for his President's work,
Silver Tray presented to Brydyna Goodart, California, for dedication to RSVA

1977 RSVA® Convention No. 9
Deauville Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida
Special Awards presented to: Karen Perzentka, Wisconsin & Chester Holden, Arkansas

1976 RSVA® Convention No. 8
Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Outstanding Award for organizing vendors: Dalton Brown, Louisiana, & Francis Morton, Tennessee

1975 RSVA® Convention No. 7
Admiral Simmes Hotel, Mobile, Alabama
"Mr. Vending Stand of the Year": Leonard Robinson, Maryland
Special Award: Marguerite McKinnon, Alabama
“Legal Beagle: Award: Durward K. McDaniel, Washington, DC

1974 RSVA® Convention No. 6
LaSalle Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
RSVA Award of Achievement: Ione Miller, California

1973 RSVA® Convention No. 5
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Knoxville, Tennessee
RSVA Award of Achievement: Kenneth Decker, Illinois

1972 RSVA® Convention No. 4
Hilton Hotel, Portland, Oregon
No awards given

1971 RSVA® Convention No. 3
Schroder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
RSVA Award of Achievement: Durward K. McDaniel, Washington, DC

1970 RSVA® Convention No. 2
Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
RSVA Award of Achievement: Senator Jennings Randolph, West Virginia

1969 RSVA® Convention No. 1
White House Inn, Charlotte, North Carolina
RSVA received its charter. first recorded meeting: July 14, 1969
RSVA Award of Achievement: Leonard Robinson, Maryland

Bellevue Hotel, San Francisco, California

Organizational meeting:  Harriet Fielding, Chairperson
John Thomas elected temporary President
Casey Delint elected Secretary. 

1967 Beginning
RSVA® started getting organized December 1967

ACB CONVENTIONS (before RSVA was formed and had convention in conjunction with ACB)

1967 Wichita, Kansas
1966 Atlanta, Georgia
1965 Louisville, Kentucky
1964 Rochester, New York
1963 Chicago, Illinois
1962 Saint Louis, Missouri
1961 Organizing ACB meeting Kansas City, MO



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