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Members of RSVA receive a number of publications and services. The “Vendorscope” is RSVA's quarterly publication and is available in large print, cassette tape, and e-mail. This magazine contains an array of valuable information and advice for blind vendors. It keeps managers abreast of the current issues of importance and benefit to their operations.

The RSVA web site provides vendors/managers with the latest news on topics ranging from issues of concern to vendors/managers as
well as updates on National Account products and prices. You can visit the site by going to or www.Randolph-SheppardVendors

The Trail of the Advocate is an exciting and educational publication detailing the history of RSVA and the Business Enterprise Program. It is available only through RSVA, in large print or cassette tape.

The Braille Forum is a monthly publication of the American Council of the Blind. It is available in large print, cassette tape, Braille and disc.

Members also have access to the RSVA and the ACB national offices, as resource and information centers. Members are encouraged to participate in the annual RSVA and ACB national conventions.

Other services include legal consultation: advice and assistance to protect the legal interest of blind vendors seeking proper implementation of the Randolph-Sheppard Act. In addition, we assist in negotiation of national account agreements, which incorporate price reductions to our members. RSVA can provide speakers at meetings on topics of interest to blind vendors.

Membership offers the opportunity for fellowship with peers, to get acquainted with experts in the field, and to participate in the governance of an organization important to a vendor’s livelihood.


Regular Membership: Any legally blind person who manages, or is an employee, in a Randolph-Sheppard facility and who wishes to support the work of RSVA may join through an RSVA state affiliate, or may become a member, at large.

Associate Member: Any interested person wishing to support the aims and goals of RSVA.

Life Membership: Any RSVA member that is retired from the B.E.P. and has been a member of RSVA in good standing for five years may be awarded a Life Membership by the RSVA Board of Directors. Any member in good standing may become a Life Member by paying $1,000.00 to RSVA.

Corporate Sponsor: Any corporation, business or organization that wishes to further the goals of RSVA may join in one of several membership categories.

Membership dues become due January 1st and will become delinquent March 1st of the same year. To receive an application or for more information, please contact the RSVA national office.

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